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Details on Movement disorder in childhood

Movement disorder means that abnormal movement of the body has a neurological basis. This abnormal movement is changed by the speed of voluntary movement, coordination and also presence of not voluntary movement. The movement disorder is also called the extrapyrmidal diseases in the field of medical. It causes the pyramidal region of the brain. The movement disorder are caused by the extrapyrmidal disease in the many parts of the brain like the substantial Ingra, the sub thalamic nucleus, the globus pallidus, the striatum, and the basal ganglia.

There are two types of the movement disorders: hyperkinetic movement and hypokinetic movement. The hyperkinetic movement disorders are the excessive amount of motor activity and hypokinetic movement disorder are reduce amount of motor activity.

The Huntington’s disease is another name of the hyperkinetic movement disorder it’s described by the chorea-type movement, this type of disease develops at the age of 30 and 50 years the people suffered from this disease they have a progressive dementia, and the people will die also. 50% of the chance this type of disease infects the children of that people who suffered from this disease. The symptoms of hypokintic movement disorder like rigid, stone-like face, decrease limb while walking, stiff turning movement. The Parkinson’s disease caused the loss of neurons it includes in the area of brain. The people suffering from this type of disease they become very ill and weak also, this disease also inherits by the children of the people.